The theory of transactional analysis applied to organizations refers to the theory of integrated communication with the systemic approach and other theories.

This makes it possible:

  • to carry out interventions to strengthen the organization and competences considering organizational and relational interrelationships of the subsystems;
  • To facilitate the integration between Business Strategy and People Strategy;
  • To improve inter-functional integration and communication between functions, groups, people;
  • To strengthen leadership and the ability to influence. To develope people awareness and responsibility.

Some theories and methodologies of reference:

  • Stati dell’Io, Transazioni (E.Berne)
  • Bisogni dei gruppi e degli individui nelle organizzazioni (E. Berne, R. Erskine)
  • Diagramma dei confini dei gruppi (R. Berne)
  • Sistemi di influenze (E.S. Rossi)
  • Autorità di gruppo (E.Berne) e leadership (P. Hersey, K. Blanchard, )
  • Contratto a tre mani (F.English)
  • Collegamento tra sistema organizzazione e sistema individuo e Modello dei Ruoli (Bernd Schmid)
  • Copione organizzativo (R. Krausz)
  • Cultura (E.H. Shein)