Sales, Marketing, Brand Positioning

Ambire offers Managerial Support to Companies which want to conduct Internationalization Processes of their core business or which want to improve Commercial Performance (Sales, Marketing, Brand Positioning), by:

  • Creation and / or Reengineering of Commercial Processes oriented towards Foreign Markets
  • Support for the creation of a new Organization that implements the opening and subsequent consolidation in Global Markets
  • Complete Managerial support for the establishment with a turnkey approach: from on-site procedures to the organization’s design, up to the Branch Startup

The business internationalization involves a structured and deep organizational process; it also involves all the company functions regardless of the size of the company ; it provides for the dissemination of an organizational culture focused on expansion towards complex markets, where the presence of experienced and certified Managers is required.


The service can be implemented with Managerial Consultancy or Interim Management.