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Why is finding a job so arduous nowadays? Because the job market is continuously changing and it is essential to be aware of one’s skills and understand how to develop the ones that are most in demand today. Ambire SB accompanies people through change and in achieving their career goals.

Do you want to orient yourself
and grow in the job market?

Find out where you are in your professional life so you can navigate the job market, through the assessment of your behavioral and technical soft skills compared with an Expected Profile for your target audience, so that you can navigate the job market and create the right professional development opportunity for you.

Ambire SB supports Young People, Professionals and Managers in determining and taking a snapshot of the moment in their career path they are in, and (their own) professional profile, in order to outline and define a personalized action and development plan to orient themselves and enhance their developed knowledge, experience and skills.

Are you looking for
a new job?

Find out which career development opportunities are right for you.
Join the talent pool in the Ambire network to stay up to date on new opportunities.

Ambire SB helps to meet the demand and supply of skills and job opportunities for motivated people and key positions in organizations, at a managerial and professional level.