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Discover how to select the managers, the best qualified top figures and the most motivated talent to be part of your organization, and to create added value that allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Discovering and attracting talent which can contribute to the growth and development of your organization is the challenge that organizations face today in an ever-changing market, where it becomes fundamental and strategic to identify the many qualified professionals within it.

Simpliter is a brand of Ambire Benefit Company, which aims to simplify and innovate the Search and Selection process for staff and professional targets. Simpliter supports Organizations looking for staff and does so by ensuring the most suitable candidates in a timely manner , where the added value lies in customizing the service according to your need.


Discovering and attracting managers and top figures who can fill key positions to contribute to the growth, acceleration and development of your organization is a common challenge faced today by both SMEs and large companies, and which requires the application of strategic approaches in order to attract the best qualified professionals on the market.

For more than 20 years, Ambire has been successfully caring for the management target through the complete management of all phases of the direct search, selection and closing process.* .Our goal is to support entrepreneurs, HR managers and organizations in matching invaluable skills and experience with job opportunities. We search for and select the most suitable candidate for each role and specific organization.

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