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Outsourcing HR Management

The management of human capital is a function that has a major impact on the administrative and strategic structure of an organization, and is still a prerogative of larger organizations. However, for the typical entrepreneurial fabric of Italian companies, it becomes more strategic than ever to invest in management policies that take into account an overall vision of the Organization.

Our goal is to support Entrepreneurs, Managers and Organizations in the management of Human Capital, by coordinating the definition and implementation of the best organizational strategies related to each specific context.

Innovation and Agile Management

Currently, digital transformation entails the need for organizations to review their business, acceleration and managerial models with a view to developing a new strategic plan. To encourage change, it is essential to invest in innovation and skills with the support of Innovation Managers, who can foster innovation and digital transformation processes by making the organization more agile.

Our goal is to support entrepreneurs, managers and organizations in the review of the business model and development of the strategic plan, thus assisting them in achieving the goals of: Change Management, Digital Transformation, Agile Management, Generational Transition, Start-up, Transformation into a Benefit Corporation, Internationalization, and Establishment and Management of Business Networks.

Benefit Corporation and BCorp

Consumers and companies are showing an increasing interest in sustainable products and services, as are investors, who are turning to organizations that manifest clear and measurable sustainable strategies.

Our goal is to support entrepreneurs and organizations in the set-up/transformation into benefit corporations, throughout the entire process, starting from the identification of one or more goals among the 17 included in the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda up to post- transformation monitoring.

Personnel Wellness

The culture of an organization reflects the values, actions and behavior of its people: the ongoing changes and the uncertainty triggered by the pandemic have underscored the need to create a stimulating environment of well-being and collaboration within organizations to encourage the development of a new business culture.

Our goal is to support entrepreneurs, HR Managers and organizations in the identification and implementation of welfare plans and personalized team building solutions that have a positive impact on team integration and the improvement of intrapersonal communication, which, in turn, trigger an increase in productivity and help to motivate the people in the organization.

Other services for companies

People Caring & Development

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Talent Acquisition

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