System of Competence, Performance Assessment, Potencial and Competence Assessment, Competence assessment, Corporate Welfare, Training, Coaching, Team Coaching, Competence certification.

Ambire designs and achieves, in order to concretely strenghten Skills and Business Performance of People:

1. System of Competence

Design of distinctive Competence systems for key roles allowing People successfully     responses to professional challenges, having clear expectations of Organizational role to be covered. Output:

  • Job Profile
  • Technical-professional knowledge models
  • Behavioral Skills Models

2. Performance Assessment Systems

Design of integrated systems for Performance Assessment in order to:

  • Ensure a deep correlation between People’s and Company’s objetcives
  • Recognize and value differentiated individual contributions
  • Identify technical professional and behavioural competence to be improved and developed during the observation period.

3. Potencial and Competence Assessment

Ambire carries out potential and competence assessment systems in the Organizational, professional, management and behavioral field, anchoring the assessment to behavioral and professional indicators. Moreover Ambire identifies methodologies and tools ad hoc for the company and for the target, through:

All approaches ensure to obtain an individual profile and to identify an action plan oriented to the Competence development.

*Development center

It is an innovative evaluation process (self-assessment and hetero evaluation), through the feedback methodology, which concurrently allows the development of awareness of organizational and professional role.

People are encouraged through the methodology of team coaching and action learning, on the basis of their business experience and concrete experiences in the classroom, to perform a self-assessment and to receive feedback from colleagues on behaviors experienced in the classroom.

It takes place in classrooms of up to 10-12 people

4. Corporate Welfare

Ambire offers to its customers Corporate Welfare tailor-made services that satisfy the needs of each company and of its employees.

This services take part of an integrated approach through which Ambire supports its client companies towards optmization of Business development and People development processes.

° CWP advantages’ illustration

° CWP objectives’ identificaton

° CWP design and implementation

° Support in union negotiation

° Identification of Statutory Auditor for tax incentives’ calculation

° Service provider identification

° Design of a Performance Management system

5. Training

Ambire improves behavioral/managerial and technical transversal competences through training courses providing by experiential offer, both indoor and outdoor, on different topics, for example:

° Leadership

° Team building

° Team working

° Staff management

° Diversity Management: Women’s leadership, Members of the board

° Creativity and innovation

° Empowerment

° Meaningful communication

° Conflict management

° Problem solving

° Time Management

° Personal Branding

Training is designed ad hoc based on the real needs of clients or people. Team coaching is the method mainly used.

People are encouraged, on the basis of their business experience and concrete experiences in the classroom, to perform a self-assessment and to receive feedback from colleagues on behaviors in order to develop competence and learn practical tools to be used in the company.

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6. Coaching

Ambire supports the development of behavioral and managerial skills, through individual coaching programs for both the Top and Middle management. Ambire can operate in particular situations also with the Counseling methodology.

  • The interventions cycle is designed ad hoc for each individual person based on the results of the Skills Assessment phase that can be performed with the Skills Report or the Development Center.
  • Purposes of coaching are shared with the Coachee Manager, the Coachee and the Coach in order to create alliance and awareness and responsibility
  • The proposal of challenging situations allows people to proceed along a path of restructuring of behaviors and personal empowerment to achieve his goals, based on a Personal Development Plan.

7. Competence certification

Ambire supports people towards competence certification. The process involves:

  • Certification process analysis and related phases
  • Competence evaluation through competence assessment methodology
  • Identification of strengths and improvement areas compared to competences required by certification
  • Training on raised gaps