Business model is an essential tool to innovate the company and to improve company performance. It’s required for start-ups and companies needing  a thorough activity review. Business model describes how an organization creates, distributes and captures value.

The nine basic elements of the Canvas:

  1. Customer segments – An organization is aimed to one or more customer segments
  2. Value proposition – Try to solve customer problems and meet their needs
  3. Channels – The value proposition showed up to customers through distribution and sales communication channels
  4. Customer Relationship – Relationships are established and maintained with each customer segment
  5. Revenue Streams – They result from the value offered to customers successfully
  6. Key Resources – These are the assets needed to offer and distribute the value offer
  7. Key Activity – Main processes and activities of the organization
  8. Partnership – Activities outsourced and resources acquired outside the company
  9. Cost Structure – It defines all the costs and expenses that your company will incur while operating your business model.